Ready to level up your videos?

Tired of being bombarded with tech services you don't need?

Is your practice needing a website that implements virtual strategies to reach patients or clients?

Does your website look like it is from the dinosaur era and needs a makeover?

Bring Your Vision To Life

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Online Learning Platforms

I partner with health professionals to help them bring their vision to life! 

Together we put theory into practice!

My Promise To you

With so many options in a field that changes overnight.  I help practitioners sift through the noise and gain an understanding of the technology they need (and more importantly, don't need) to catapult their practice to the next level. 

Step 1:

Book complimentary strategy session. Fill out short survey with current website (if you have one) so I can I can take a look at what you currently have in place to maximize our time together. (Don't have a site yet? No worries! There is a space to describe your vision in the survey :) 

Step 2:

I will share with you a personalized strategy of what you need to reach your goals and vision along with an estimate of costs involved from initial setup to other fees you can expect. (Such as fees for an email autoresponder like ActiveCampaign or MailChimp) 

Step 3:

Implement your new strategy!  Begin the onboarding process where we get into unpacking your vision.  We will have regular touchpoints and milestones as we design the site of your dreams.  This time-frame typically spans 60-90 days depending on the complexity of your design. 

About Salena

Salena began working on the internet back when dial-up and bulletin boards were the 'in thing'.  With her natural gift of problem solving she partners with health professionals to streamline the 'virtual' side of their practice from building websites, connecting apps, to creating online learning platforms.  She not only knows tech, she also understands the health profession as she too provides services to those seeking to better their health. (read more about her here)

What Others Are Saying...

Lauren Edelson

New York

I cannot stop singing praises to Salena! I’ve been telling all my friends, family and clients about how she made my dream of a website a reality.  Fortunately, I found Salena who listened to my ideas and then developed a site that truly meets my needs.  She was the perfect partner for me, and I recommend her services without reservation.  Hiring Salena was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thank you, Salena!

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